Training, development and well being

To be able to perform according to expectations – employees need to be well aware of company expectations and requirements.

With several years of practical hands-on and on-site experiences within primarily the offshore oil and gas business, I can offer hands-on, real-life and company specific relevant training, development and coaching.

Peter Dalhof – representing Aps – with more than half a life time work experiences, is enthusiastic about assisting in training, developing and coaching your workforce – for better results – for employees and the company.

The prime Aps objective – is to bring relevant matters into focus, to train and share knowledge and experiences relevant to the company specific tasks at hand. Aps’ preferred way of training is face-to-face classroom training – yet with modern IT – web-based training sessions, with an optional on-line test to follow, is also offered.

As performing work safely and executing tasks effectively is key – Aps would be proud to offers assistance to reach this goal.

In Denmark we strive for “arbejdsglæde”! Being happy on the job brings better quality to work performed and results achieved. This is why Aps enters all tasks with an open, human, positive and joyful approach.

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BE HAPPY – and stay safe!

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