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We are here to work and learn…

W. Edwards Deming Quote: “We are here to learn, to make a difference and to  have fun.” (9 wallpapers) - Quotefancy

So every new challenge brings an opportunity to learn something new.

With Corona restrictions still hampering our possibilities for physical meetings – works with the idea of making short and brief video messages or training sessions – that shall be made available on-line.

Employees and all relevant parties can then access their computer at a convenient time, and view the message / get the information any time of the day at whatever location they may choose.

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No Link: – Still working on the pitch video

Finally – after watching a video – an on-line test can follow to make sure the key points were noted.

GST: Online Tests Scored after Human Intervention classifiable as an OIDAR  Service, IGST applicable, says AAAR

Still working with this idea….

How To Make Your Good Idea Better | by Josh Spector | For The Interested |  Medium